Natural Houses The Residential Architecture of Rose Group

Natural Houses Book Cover

The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design". Manifestations of sustainable design require renewable resources, impact the environment minimally, and connect people with the natural environment. Beyond the "elimination of negative environmental impact", sustainable design must create projects that are meaningful innovations that can shift behaviour. A dynamic balance between economy and society, intended to generate long-term relationships between user and object/service and finally to be respectful and mindful of the environmental and social differences.

The complex is a sustainable development incorporating key principles of green building design. Sustainability is rerecognized as an important issue in modern architecture. This design approach is to improve our climate, avoids waisting energy for heating and cooling, and mitigates the negative effects of construction on enviroment. Other advantages include use of natural materials that enable us to benfit from and further avoid damage to the of our main purpose of this development is to provide the highest quality of life for occupants through a healthy connection to the enviroment. Eliminate the concept of waste. Evaluate and optimize the full life-cycle of products and processes, to approach the state of natural systems in which there is no waste.Rely on natural energy flows. Human designs should, like the living world, derive their creative forces from perpetual solar income. Incorporating this energy efficiently and safely for responsible use.